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I will always choose stelena.

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Ezria parallel/ 1x1 & 3x24

As soon as I saw where they were standing - Ezria have to be endgame. They belong together.

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SWOON! We couldn’t resist reblogging this. We’re loving our Living Dead in Dallas re-read. 

Can’t believe the final Sookie is so close now… I don’t want the books OR the show to end!


So I went to school with Lauren. She met Phil. Together they introduced me to my boyfriend of 5.5 years. Lauren and I had a slight falling out 5 years ago, but I’ve tried really hard to at least get her & Phil back as distant friends, for my own sanity and for the sake of my boyfriend, Ian.

It was Phil’s 30th birthday tonight. Ian was invited. I was not. Awkward right? But I tried not to be too upset. However - it turned out to be a surprise wedding. As upset as I was at not being invited to Phil’s birthday - I am a LOT more upset at not being invited to their wedding. Especially when Ian was. He’s away for work so had to RSVP no, but it would’ve been worse if he was here, had gone to the ‘birthday drinks’ and then realised it was a wedding.

I’ve had a lot of wine tonight with a friend who was also not invited. So you know what? I’ve come to the conclusion that you really can’t please everyone and that life is too short to worry. I have some amazing people in my life and I am going to focus on them instead of people who make me feel like crap. I deserve so much and am worth so much more than this, and I will try my hardest to remember that!

Accentuate the positive. Let’s see if I really can!

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That one imprint at @HachetteBooks that is filled with ridiculously good looking people



Just hanging out with Michael Palin. You know how it is.

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